November 6th, 2007 - 10:36 PM

Update on all type of things. I just posted some stuff about using my car as ad space during auto-x events. I figure that I'll trade ad space for a stipend to pay for brake pads, rotors, and tires. Mainly tires. Poor car enthusiast with a college problem. Hehe. You can check that out on the contacts page. I am hoping that someone will offer me something. Even if I only get enough for a tire or two, that'll just be awesome. Every little bit helps.

GST Motorsports has just sent out the bushings I ordered. I was going to run by the shop on Friday, but a friend is carpooling home with me on Friday evening. Trying to limit my consumption of gas. I am on a really tight budget in terms of money for parts and what not. I figure if I can limit my driving around Davis and at home, I can save $10 or $15 a week. That's pretty significant, I guess.

Install Fest this weekend at my Mom's place. Info is on I-Club. I'll be doing my lateral links. I might also try to do FSB endlinks and bushings, but we'll have to see. I also have camber bolts that I can use to replace my stock ones. One of mine was stripped so I want to replace that.

That is all for now. I am out!!


October 30th, 2007 - 1:57 AM

Hi all. Had a wonderful auto-x event on Sunday. Lot's of fun. Also did pretty well. I was about 4 seconds behind the leader and about 2 seconds behind the WRX pack. Not too bad considering my car is a low displacement automatic. Here are some pics of me running at the event. Just changed a few things on my website. The picture of the links page has changed. I am also thinking about changing the front image. As much as I like the GST dyno picture, I think it is a time for a change. I know there is code out there where I can have the image randomize. I might do that so it changes for each day of the week or something. I dunno. We'll have to see. For now, it'll stay until I can find a suitable substitute.

I would definitely like to expand my site a little bit. I'll have definitely sit down and see what I can do to make it a better site. Maybe a guest book feature or something. Anyways... donate to my site. PayPal button is in the contact page.


October 15th, 2007 - 11:33 AM

A few quick notes. I updated my calendar. Looks like I'll only be able to do two autocrosses this Slush season. Mainly schedule conflicts. Since I am in Davis most of the year, it is kind of hard to drive down from Davis. Good two hours each direction plus toll. Not really going to be fun. There is one this weekend and one the weekend after next, which I'll do, but that'll probably be it for the season. Going to save up money to fix the car.

Second, I sent in my payment for the Hypermeet Track Day at Thunderhill for January 6th, 2008. As far as I hear, there are still spots available. Registration fee is $250. I know that may seem more than some of the other organizations, but keep in mind that you are paying for the convenience. The event falls on a Sunday and before school starts. Here is more info.

Last. I am going to install the lateral links, but probably after the next few events. They kind of need to be done. I would really like to get all my stuff put in and take care of before the track event.


October 3rd, 2007 - 1:56 AM

Really stressed out about school and money at the moment. Just spent some time and added a donation button at the bottom of the contacts page. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

September 11th, 2007 - 2:18 AM

Hi all. Just uploaded all my photos to the photo gallery. Check them out. I didn't do any cosmetic stuff. That'll have to wait for now.

Check them out here.


September 9th, 2007 - 10:35 AM

Hi all. I am still working on getting some of the pics up. Please be patient while I get those up. I am probably going to choose a large handful of them instead of using all of them since I have a lot of redundants. Not to mention that it takes some time to clean up photos. I do have an action that I can use to quickly border, resize, and sign the photo's, but I think I need to do a little more to make the pics presentable. I have just posted 13 pictures in the gallery. You can check them out by click here. Thanks.

September 8th, 2007 - 10:45 PM

Currently working on the galleries page. I am going to add some pic of the FIA meet over the next few days. Probably over the next few days. There are a lot of pics that I need to go through and sign and clean up. Please be patient while I add pics. Thanks.

August 27th, 2007 - 11:48 PM

Added some new upcoming events.


August 6th, 2007 - 4:03 AM

Couldn't sleep, so I added a few updates to the site. That is all. Buh bye.

July 5th, 2007 - 5:46 PM

Added more misc. items. 


June 19th, 2007 - 3:31 PM

Added another auto-x gallery. Check out the Marina pics here. Going to be adding a few more items here and there pretty soon.


June 9th, 2007 - 1:34 AM

Misc. updates here and there. I added a Wish List page for the site. I also worked on some cosmetic items here and there. The old Impreza link that used to be forwarded to I-Club's VB garage was changed to my thread about the history of my Impreza. It is kind of a long read but a fun one. Check that out in your spare time.

I am still looking for sponsorship from anyone who is willing to provide it. Lots of real estate on my car and on my website.

I got my helmet this week. Can't wait to try that sucker out next week. I'll be attending the SCCA Auto-X events at the Marina (6-17-07) and Oakland (6-24-07). For the Marina charity auto-x, participants are encouraged to donate $1 for each time penalty/cone they hit. I was wondering if anyone was interested in matching my donation. I haven't hit any cones at an event to date. Pretty safe bet. Those are my updates at the moment. Have fun.


May 29th, 2007 - 12:09 AM

Added Barespeed GC8 Meet Gallery Pics. Click here to see them.

Currently looking for some sponsors. Need some money to offset cost of wheels and tires. Let me know.


May 23rd, 2007 - 12:05 PM

Advertising space on my website is available. Looking for someone to buy ad-space off of me. Need money to fund the car. Yes........

Drop me a line. Prime e-estate.


May 22nd, 2007 - 2:13 PM

Updating misc stuff on the site here and there. I am thinking about bugging Mom and her associates to sponsor me for auto-x. I would like to get a decent set of wheels and tires. I figure I can sell ad space on my car in exchange for tires. That's not too bad right? Maybe $200 a year for a decent size ad on each side of the car. Maybe 10 events or something. Or maybe I can sell ad space by the event? I dunno. I really just need some way to pay for tires. Haha.

Wanna sponsor me... drop me a line at admin@kimete.com.

May 21st, 2007 - 11:10 PM

Added Duel at De Anza pics to the gallery. Check them out. Gallery


May 15th, 2007 - 1:34 PM

Updated some stuff. Calendar mostly. That's all for this round. Just doing some cosmetic stuff here and there.


May 13th, 2007

Added some more stuff. Added a Calendar link of some of the events I'll be attending. Going to work on my modlist in the near future. Leo is having an Odor Removal Day at SubyDude's shop on 06/03/07. Check out I-Club for more info. That is all for now.


May 7th, 2007

Quick Notes: AutoX  in Oakland Pics uploaded.


May 4th, 2007 - 3:22 PM

Quick notes: New gallery: UCD Car Show 2007. Auto-X in Oakland this weekend. Posting video to YouTube. Will link when it has been processed. That is all.


April 30th, 2007 11:31 AM

Had a great weekend. Went to Thunderhill on Friday and Autocrossing in SF in Sunday. I posted a bunch of pics that Benny took in SF. You can check them out here.

April 24th, 2007 12:40 AM

Quick update. Going to use as few words as possible. Have some stuff for sale. Will post on I-Club. Got some coilover sleeves and some misc stuff. Trying to clean out my place. If no one wants my coilover sleeves, I might try to use them for something else. Going to be going to Thunderhill for the SubyDude/I-Club track day. That will be fun. Yeah. That is all. Going to post the links later.


April 19th, 2007 2:12 AM

Really tired. Working on website for Mom. Need money for coilovers. I think I am really close to putting down a deposit for the coilovers. Yeah. I still have a way to pay off the coilovers. If anyone would like to hire me to do web-design, Photoshopping, etc., let me know. Click the "About" link down at the bottom of the page for my contact info.


April 15th, 2007 6:01 PM

Had a great time at the Faifield BBQ/Drive. The twisties were fun. Just tried to keep up with the STi in front of me. Anyways, I am uploading the few pictures I took while we speak. Fairfield BBQ/Drive


April 11th, 2007 - 12:14 PM

Yakima Racks - sale pending. That is all. edit: SOLD!!


April 10th, 2007 - 12:14 AM

Added a video clip of my JGT500 exahust. Check it out. Sorry about the large size. The video was straight from my digital camera. You might want to turn up the volume of your speakers a little. The mic on the camera wasn't that sensitive. Check in the galleries for the link. Gallery | JGT500 Have fun.


April 9th, 2007 - 2:03 PM

Added a new pic on the links page. SubyDude got a pic of my car at the Bubble Meet in Milpitas. Not sure what I'll add to my site next. I was thinking of adding a sound clip of my exhaust. I'll keep everyone updated. Happy surfing.


April 9th, 2007 1:34 AM

Quick update. Have Yakima racks in Davis. Make an offer. Need to save money for Stance Coilovers. Need to order personalized plates. Need to sign up for HPDE. Yay. That is all. Off to bed.


April 3rd, 2007 - 10:42 PM

Trying to sell my Yakima Racks. Check here for more info. Going to try to sell unused luxury items in order to pay for upgrades. If anyone wants to help me by offering me weekend jobs, let me know.

April 3rd, 2007 - 11:20 AM

Just added a gallery the other day. I'll add more galleries later on. I am thinking about finding another job that I can make money under the table to help pay for car parts. I think I am really set on the Stance Coilovers. It is a little expensive but I think it'll be worth it. If anyone can get them to me discounted, let me know. I'd be more than happy to guinea pig them. I also want to do a track day, but I need to check up on tech guidelines for HPDE. I read somewhere that the Corbeau seat is not DOT approved and I know that their harnesses aren't either. Got to make sure of that. The next HPDE event is May 5-6 at Infineon Raceway. Totally awesome way to go. I need to talk to Karlton to see when the next auto-x is. I would really like to get experience in before adding suspension stuff.

March 31st, 2007 - 9:30 PM

Working on adding galleries right now. I have a few pics that I would like to get up. I took a ton of pics of my car after I gave it a wash yesterday. I am trying to figure out a way to signature all my pics before I post them.


March 28th, 2007 - 7:41 PM

I just added the links page. That's all for now. Going to add a Gallery page when I actually have images. That's going to be awhile from now. I am going to talk to the Davis peeps and see if those guys can help me take care of my exhaust leak. I actually know where it is. In between my CAT and headers, we couldn't get a bolt in. It is actually still there. All I got to do is drop the cat and headers together, get the bolt on and put it back.


March 28th, 2007 - 12:26 PM

Back to school now. Yeah... I need to find some people to help me find my exhaust leak. Also need to do save up some money for future suspension. I saw K-Sport Pro's being sold on Vivid Racing's site for a little under $1100. The spring rates for those is 7K/5K. I was thinking about guinea pigging the Stance coilovers. Either way, I'll need to save about $1300 for future suspension stuff. I guess we have to see. I've been told to learn the car on stock suspension first. I guess it is good to learn how to drive in a slow car first. Pretty much what I have...

I want to go to the SD track day and track, but it seems that I have a midterm that day. I guess I'll just drive up there and chill. Maybe get some seat time or something. Free food is always nice. I would really like to go Auto-x'ing. I should talk to Karlton or something and see if he can sponsor me or something.

Things I need to do to the car:

Fix exhaust leak

Things I would like to do to the site:

Add links, galleries, and contact info.

Things I would like for the car:

Coilovers - $1300
Underbody Brace - $160
Fender Braces - $200

Going to go add stuff right now.

March 24th, 2007 - 4:24 PM

Just had AI put my wheels on. Also asked them to do a tire rotation, so that's out of the way now. I also tightened the bolt on my rear sway bar mount. I think it is good to go, however, I don't think I installed the RSB correctly. Need to check up on how to do that. Yeah.

March 24th, 2007 - 1:04 AM

Just got back from Bubble. There was a huge turn-out. Lots of Subie peeps came by. I had the opportunity to meet the guy that crashed his GC-style Impreza which I pulled the hood off of. Apparently, he still has some stuff that he is trying to sell. He said that he has STi shocks for the front that he wants to let go for cheap. I gave him my business card. We'll see if he gets back to me.

Upcoming Events for me:

April 14th: Picnic Day at UC Davis
April 15th: Fairfield BBQ and Drive
April 27th: SubyDude Track Day (If I have class that I can skip, I fork over $200 and do a track day.)

Anyways, new wheel and tire rotation will be done later today. I have an appointment at 12:30 PM at Auto Innovations in Milpitas. Hopefully, it'll go smooth. You never know with my car. It'll be nice to be clear to do events and stuff. It will be a good start. We'll see.

I still need to get my exhaust leak fixed and also take care of my rear sway bar mounts. I think one of them is loose and that's the reason why I hear clunking. Anyways, off to bed. Later.


March 22nd, 2007 - 4:55 PM

I just got my hands on two Rota SubZero's in Gunmetal. w00t. It took me forever to find those. One is in pretty good condition. The other is really scruffed up, but structurally good. I am going into AI on Saturday to have them install it and do a tire rotation for me. Hella awesome. It'll be awesome. I just need to get my hands on some touch-up paint now. Yippee. Thanks to Aaron (thatonelegacy) for the tip.

March 22nd, 2007 - 3:18 AM

Just and update. Currently cranky and tired. Final at 10:30 AM. Going to bed and yeah. I need to call the around and find a Rota SubZero. A friend told me that the junkyard might have some in Gunmetal. I called last week and they gave me an attitude. Will call them tomorrow. I talked to a guy at Wheel Techniques to see if he can repair my wheel. He said that I am looking at spending between $125 and $175, but that is pretty much everything. Fix the broken spoke and repair the curb rash which will be great. All my wheels will look awesome and uniform.

Things I would like to do:

1) Fix exhaust leak
2) Upgrade suspension (coilovers, underbody brace, etc.)
3) Get a second set of wheels/tires

I also want to do a track day, but I have had some schedule conflict. The next HPDE is April 14th and 15th, but both days are booked for me. 14th is UC Davis Picnic Day and the 15th is the Fairfield Drive/Picnic. Looks like there will be a few of us going. According to the calendar, SubyDude Track Day at Thunderhill on the 27th. I'll have to take a look at my school schedule. If nothing conflicts, I might skip class and do that. It all depends. Then there is Infineon Raceway on the 5th and 6th. As great as the track is, I think I should probably stay away from that for awhile. I hear that track is unforgiving.

Upcoming Events:

April 4th: Murder Burger Meet at 7 PM
April 15th: Fairfield Drive/Picnic

March 21st, 2007 - 3:56 PM

Just reinstalled Rear Sway Bar with Mike (SkylineR35GTRx). I got new and correct fitting Whiteline Bushings from GST on Monday. We had some trouble getting the clamp onto the mount. Apparently, the replacement screw and clamp I got was giving us a little trouble, but eventually we got it on. It took about a half an hour or so. It wasn't too bad. Love it that my RSB is back on now.

March 20th, 2007 - 5:04 PM

Just did some cosmetic fixes. Thanks to Val for helping.

March 20th, 2007 - 1:04 PM

Welcome to my new site. It is work still in progress but hopefully, it'll come out pretty nice. Stay tuned for more updates.

I am hoping to add pic galleries, links, and car info in the near future. Probably after finals.